As an innovative company in the field of electrical engineering, in which we offer our customers not only components, but also solutions, we are pioneers with our own building management system interested in looking at and changing processes holistically. A large floor area with double floor slabs made of granite is located on the first floor of two buildings built directly next to each other.
These areas are used for receptions, exhibitions and events over and over.  Accordingly, cleaning has to be carried out more often and adapted to the different conditions. Already in 2019, in cooperation with ADLATUS Robotics, we have allowed the CR700 cleaning robot to travel fully autonomously to other floors with one of our elevators. Our building management system makes this possible and as a facility manager, the autonomous cleaning system is worthwhile as soon as it cleans more square meters than with a manual machine.  So here our claim is to let the CR700 communicate with elevators and doors, so that the main routes and areas are reached and cleaned by the self-propelled cleaning robot. Also cleaning on demand, e.g. in case of snow or rain, when the entrances show increased dirt, is directly passed on to the CR700 as special cleaning via our building management system, which monitors the weather data and doors, and thus the cleaning schedule of the entrances can also be triggered depending on the weather.

Customer Value:
In combination with our own building management system, we are able to use the cleaning robot from ADLATUS Robotics in such a targeted and efficient way that it offers us added value and this does not only refer to normal maintenance cleaning!