ADLATUS CR700C + S700C Fully autonomous cleaning robot system

When cleaning floors, the ADLATUS CR700C cleaning robot system with cylindrical brushes picks up the coarse dirt and cleans efficiently in one step. The movement of the cylindrical transports loose dirt and particles into a collecting hopper which is emptied by the operator at regular intervals. This minimizes the preliminary work of sweeping and saves time in floor cleaning. The additional side broom enables cleaning close to the edge. Cylindrical brushes can be made from a variety of materials. The specific type depends on what kind of floor is to be cleaned. Cleaning with cylindrical brushes gives a very good cleaning result on textured and uneven floors or on surfaces with joints or cracks, where dirt can get stuck.

Public facilities, parking garages, production plants, industry, logistics and other applications

ADLATUS SR1300 +S1300 Fully autonomous sweeping vacuum robot system

With the ADLATUS sweeping robot system, ADLATUS Robotics presents a fully autonomous vacuum sweeper. The vacuum sweeper robot is equipped with a service station where the battery is automatically charged. In addition the system offers a fully automatic emptying of the swept up dirt, which can be tipped into a container and disposed of. The fully autonomous sweeper is built on a robotics platform, ADLATUS Trusted Robotics. This platform supports the intelligent autonomy of the vacuum sweeper and offers, in addition to the highest process stability in navigation, an economical use of smart features and security in handling data of our customers. The robotic sweeper system is specially designed for logistics/industrial areas to efficiently remove coarse dirt in large halls or warehouses. The sweeper is able to rotate on the spot and can therefore be used for cleaning in confined spaces. The system can overcome ramps with up to 20% slope. The automatic emptying of the dirt collection container and the automatic charging of the batteries increases the level of automation of the autonomous sweeping robot and reduces the manual supervision effort to a minimum.

ADLATUS CR700 + S700 Autonomous cleaning robot system

With the ADLATUS CR700 we managed to develop a cleaning machine which operates without tying up cleaning staff permanently. The concept is based on the expertise of a professional cleaning machine combined with the cleaning performance of a robot, connected with the aim to achieve a higher cost-efficiency at optimum cleaning results. Through the simple and user-friendly interface of the CR700 it can easily be set up in three steps. After that, the desired cleaning areas can be stored on the robot. The user interface of the CR700 is designed intuitivly so that the robot can be started by the cleaning staff easily. Daily repetitive cleaning tasks as well as the individual instructions of the cleaning robot are possible. For a spontaneous cleaning, the robot can also operate in manual mode.