J. Wagner GmbH is one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of coating technology for the finishing of surfaces with powder and wet lacquers, paints and other liquid materials. The product portfolio is divided into two dimensions to meet the specific requirements of customers. The Decorative Finishing division develops equipment specifically tailored to the requirements of do-it-yourselfers; the Industrial Solutions division manufactures products and systems for industrial surface coating for a wide range of industrial sectors.

Due to different requirements, the logistics and assembly of both divisions take place in different, interconnected hall areas. Until now, cleaning was a very time-consuming process carried out by the company‘s own logistics staff with the help of various cleaning devices.  Both the cleaning of the floor and the cleaning/maintenance of the corresponding equipment took up a lot of time, which was then lacking in the actual area of responsibility of logistics.

Customer value:
As the CR700 cleans completely autonomously and cleans itself, it can easily clean the storage and assembly areas outside business hours. This offers enormous time savings in keeping the areas clean. And the daily routine is not disturbed.